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In a town, like any town that you might find in a musical, water is now a scarce commodity. To survive this terrible drought, water consumption has to be heavily regulated. That means that people are now forced to use public bathrooms to take care of their private business. However, these public bathrooms are controlled by a private company, and the admission fee keeps getting higher and higher. The poorest citizens without the means to pay are sent to Urinetown, never to be seen again. To right this injustice, young Bobby Strong unites the rebel poor, to take arms against the evil Urine Good Company, so that people can, once again, pee for free.


  • Bobby Strong: Olivier Mahieu
  • Hope Cladwell: Cécile Sablou
  • Caldwell B. Cladwell: Thomas Rousson
  • Penelope Pennywise: Caroline Mazodier
  • Officer Lockstock: Yannick Méheut
  • Little Sally: Cybill Clerger
  • Ms. McQueen: Silvia Orube
  • Senator Fipp: Guillaume Huguet
  • Dr. Billeaux: Bastien Ponchon
  • Officer Barrel: Adrien Tibère-inglesse
  • Joseph "Old Man" Strong: Guillaume Huguet
  • Josephine Strong: Émeline Parizel
  • Tiny Tammy: Nolwenn Bruneel
  • Little Becky Two Shoes: Marie-Liane Lekpeli
  • Soupy Sue: Lucile Thierry
  • Robby The Stockfish: Bastien Ponchon
  • Hot Blades Harry: Adrien Tibère-inglesse
  • Mrs. Millennium: Maud Jalabert
  • Blondie Barbara: Alice Mazodier
  • Mrs. Bowtie: Alice Mazodier
  • Crazy Julie: Pauline Melka
  • Mrs. Typewriter: Pauline Melka


  • Scenic direction: Cécile Sablou & Yannick Méheut
  • Musical direction: Adrien Tibere-inglesse
  • Choreography: Marie-Liane Lekpeli


  • Piano: Fabien Lenthy
  • Drums: Sacha Delanoue
  • Bass: Olivier Levescot
  • Trombone: Willem Gabilly
  • Clarinet (alternating): Alix Arthaud / Julie Simard


  • June, 25ᵗʰ, at 9:00 PM
  • June, 27ᵗʰ, at 9:00 PM
  • June, 28ᵗʰ, at 9:00 PM
  • June, 30ᵗʰ, at 4:00 PM
  • July, 1ˢᵗ, at 9:00 PM
  • July, 3ʳᵈ, at 9:00 PM
  • July, 4ᵗʰ, at 9:00 PM

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